We Love Birds, but We Need Our Happiness, Too

I love living in the part of the country where we live. My wife does, too. We both grew up here, and I do not think we will ever leave. We love that we have warm, but not hot, summers. I love our cold winters. And I love the wild animals that live in our area. We especially love the birds here, but sometimes we find that we need to some help from a company that does Canada Geese control in NJ so that things are better for us and the geese themselves.

We love to watch them from afar. They’re so fun to watch as they swim through the nearby lake. We love to watch them fly in formation across the sky. We love to pay attention to when they are leaving for the year or when they are schedule to come back. We look outside every day on these occasions to look for some sign of them coming or going.

But sometimes, when there are a lot of them living in one location, they can become very territorial. They begin getting upset with one another and they get upset with other humans and animals around them. We have cows on our property. While it can be funny to see one goose get upset with a cow, seeing many go after a cow and upsetting it is not fun. It is also not fun to come outside to get into your car when you have little time to get to work, and instead be chased around and around your vehicle by several geese. There was one situation where they chased me around for a good 15 minutes before I was able to jump into my car and speed off.

So, when this happens, there is a local company that will come by and they trap the geese. They use fully human traps that will not hurt them. Once they have removed the geese from our property, they are then released at a lake further outside of town where they won’t upset humans.