Clearing Big Trees Before Listing House for Sale

We have flipped some nice houses. This one was special. We went the extra mile to make it nice. Fortunately, there was a decent latitude we could work with as far as a budget is concerned. The property values in the neighborhood were high, and we got this place below market cost. We had a nice budget to work with to make it a gem. It had too many trees on the lot for it to be appealing to the buyers we seek, so we hired a company that does tree removal in Long Island NY to come out and clear out all but a few smaller trees.

Our buyer demographic is married couples who like to do minimal outdoor landscaping upkeep. The big trees would require too much upkeep, and they were a risk to the structure because of their size. The yard area really opened up into a beautiful space once we had those big trees cleared out. The house has a lot more curb appeal too. You can see its shape and colors better from the street now that it is not behind the huge profile of giant maple trees. So many homeowners who built these houses never considered just how big these trees would get over the years. Nowadays, people think about the sizes and growth patterns of plants more before sticking them in the ground around their homes.

Trees that grow huge will damage foundations, lift sidewalks and driveways and become a fall hazard for large branches or the entire tree coming down. Big trees can smash a house if they fall. This is why smaller trees, such as Japanese maples are popular. They are very decorative and are not a threat like big oaks and other trees can be to your home. This house really made a profit for us, and taking out the big trees made all the difference in the price we could list it at.