Finding Shower Doors Cheap and Installing Them

After buying our first starter home, me and my husband both wanted to decorate the place that we had bought. It wasn’t really our style and was really a cheap fixer-upper. We started with one room at a time, but when we got to the bathroom we wanted to put in a whole shower system. Before, there was just a tub but we aren’t really bath kind of people so we started looking for shower doors in NJ to see if anything caught our fancy. We had found two that we really really liked. However, they were out of the price range we were willing to do.

When we heard about a place that had resold shower doors, we jumped at the chance to at least look at their selection. Ended up finding the perfect frosted glass door that fit what we both had imagined. It was perfect to give privacy, but also beautiful to look at. We bought it, then had to find someone who installed shower doors in NJ that could help. The guy we ended up going with, worked for one of the bath fitting places we had visited and was so nice to use during the while installation. Luckily, even with installing a whole shower system in place of the bathtub, there wasn’t a single issue.

The door was installed easy as can be and looked great! It was a sliding door, so it just glides back and forth on the rail that it is on. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with installing the door. It was easy, maybe because we weren’t the ones doing it! The installer was so nice and did great work as well. I would tell everyone to get a shower and a new shower door installed! Showers really change things up and make a bathroom look so much more put together.