Finish Your Chiropractic Therapy for the Best Results Possible

About the middle of my back there is a group of muscles on the right side that pulled and burned pretty much all day long. It got to the point that it hurt constantly. I kept putting off seeking out Sacramento chiropractic help hoping that it would just go away. I have had many back pains come and go over the years. This one was hanging on like a bad toothache. In fact, that is kind of what it felt like, but it was in my back and not in my mouth. It hurt worse when I would stretch those muscles out, but then I would get a few seconds of relief. It never lasted long. It was interfering with my work and sleep.

The pain turned out to be caused by a problem with the strength and alignment of my spine. I had a pain that would shoot in my back if I sat a certain way, so I had adjusted my posture to alleviate the feeling. Over time this was fatiguing the muscles on that side making my back hurt even worse. I needed to correct the pressure on the nerves that was causing the shooting pains and then my posture to fix the muscle pains. The chiropractor helped me resolve both issues.

I went for the full therapy to feel better. Some folks go one or two times and then start to feel really great. However, if you do not finish your therapy from the chiropractor, you are not fixing the underlying problem that is causing all of the pain in the first place. It is important to get your back fixed right, and this includes finishing the recommended therapy sessions. I did that and have not had a problem since with my back. I feel as good as new.