Hark Work for a Small Company

I’ve been building my small company since late last year. I started with very humble beginnings and a little bit of seed money, and now I have a work force of 15 members. The company is still in the growing phases, but everyone has worked hard to make sure that the company has generated a profit. I have workers who handle the company website, ones who deal with sales, ones who take care of customer needs, and even a corporate secretarial services secretary. The secretary is one of the hardest workers that I’ve ever seen.

While the secretary does have her work cut out for her, she has no problem getting it all done. The service that I used to find the secretary really knows how to find good workers. The company has experienced an increased load of customers and clients and the secretary has been busy making sure that they all get their needs met. This has made things easier for the workers in the customer needs department, because no one calls in to complain about our products or services. They’ve all been giving compliments about how they’re satisfied with our offerings and that they’ll tell their friends about us.

The sales and website workers are also pretty busy because they have to constantly update the website to make a note of our products and services, which can be either out of stock or not available at certain times. When the sales workers make a large number of sales, usually from another company that wants to do a bulk order, they let us know and we celebrate by having a party at the end of the week. These bulk orders are a godsend to us, because it means that we can move a lot of products in a short amount of time.