Helping the Kids Take Care of Aging Grandparents

staying connected at college wednesday 01 18 12 by robyn wright nest ...At first, it can seem a little challenging to care for your older parents while you’ve got little ones running around while managing your own needs. However, it may just be that you haven’t yet thought of a way to combine your family into one that is connected and flows together. One of the ways to encourage a connected family is to involve your children in the care of their aging grandparents. You won’t have them doing anything too difficult, but they can still help you to help your aging family members. Here are just a few of the things they can help you with:


If your older relative has special dietary needs, your children can help you prepare meals. As you cook, you can explain why grandma or grandpa needs to eat certain things and how the body changes as it gets older. You can have your child ask your older relative for preferences with drinks and snacks and then later relay that information to you. Your little ones can also help you clean up after the eating is done!

Bringing a smile

One thing you must really monitor your relative for are signs of depression. Depression can last a few hours or a number of years, and older citizens are often undertreated for it because they do not get a proper diagnosis. To combat the doldrums, have your child tell stories or just generally speak to your relative. You will find that your relative looks forward to time spend with the kids; both of them will help each other.

Caring for an elderly relative or friend can be a challenge. However, when you get the entire family involved, you will find that everything runs much more smoothly. Your children will be eager to get started, and you will find that your entire family just feels better.