I Can No Longer Get Enough Things Done Without a Helper

I didn’t see myself becoming as stressed out as I did previously when it came to managing my own properties. I needed to hire someone to help me. I hired someone to handle pre moving in cleaning in Singapore before new tenants move into my properties. I also use that same person to handle move-out cleaning as well. I can’t handle both of those things quickly enough on my own, while also doing any of the handyman-type work that I need to do for each place. It took quite a bit of heat off of me to simply pay someone to help.

I first thought that I needed to handle everything because I that that would make more money, but what I found out over time was that I was falling behind. That caused me to lose a lot of money. If you don’t have a property ready for someone to move into when they have already paid you for their first month of rent, they often become very irate. I have had some people break their contract with me because there was no place else for them and their children to go while they waited for me to get their new place completely cleaned for move-in day. The woman who works for me now only needs to focus on cleaning, and she does it well.

Now that a lot of my time is freed up to focus only on fixing things around each of my properties, I feel far less stressed. I’m getting things done much more quickly, and I’m making less mistakes. This week, I will be at one of my properties putting in a new fence, and then I will be at a second property to paint the kitchen right after that. In the meantime, the woman working for me will do what she needs to do at each location to help to make my life easier, too.