My Mother Almost Went to Jail Because of Three Pain Pills That Belonged to Her

I would have never thought in a million years that I would be bailing my mother out of jail. I do not think my mother has ever done anything intentionally illegal in her life. However, she did go afoul of the law and might be prosecuted for a prescription drug crime. Mom has had a bad back for years. She has spells where she can barely move. She has a painkiller prescription for a narcotic pain reliever. Her sister also has a bad back, and has the same exact prescription. Mom had to retain a Sacramento criminal attorney to stay out of jail because she gave three of her pills to her sister when she was visiting us.

Mom takes ibuprofen and naproxen sodium when her back acts up. About once a year she needs to take the narcotic pain reliever for about three days. She gets a 30 count prescription filled about once per year. She is no addict as you might be thinking. Her sister does take the narcotic med about two or three times per year for about a week. When my aunt was visiting, she ran out of her medication. She had more at home in Seattle, but she was with us in Sacramento. Mom gave her the three pills she had left in the bottle. Remember, this is the exact same drug down to the dosage that my aunt takes.

Mom was driving and got pulled over by the police. My aunt consented to a routine search. Mom’s pills were in my aunt’s purse. That would have been okay, except Mom said she gave them to my aunt because she ran out. Well, you know how bad things are nowadays with prescription painkillers, so the decision to make a federal case out of this, that it actually is, was left up to the DA. The police processed them, and they had to post bail. However, the case was being looked into by the district attorney. We needed a Sacramento criminal attorney on retainer to keep this from getting out of hand and my mother going to jail for a federal crime.