New Flooring That is Pet Friendly

I try to do one major upgrade on my house each year. I do smaller ones throughout the year, but I like seeing the changes happen with the bigger upgrades. I decided earlier this year that my next upgrade was going to be a new kitchen floor. While there was technically nothing wrong with the flooring I had, it was just very old and looked outdated. I wanted something that looked a lot more modern, and I found some options that were within my budget after looking at Though I had already knownI was getting the new floor, I still felt better after reading about the benefits of the floor that I had chosen.

I wanted a darker vinyl floor that had a subtle pattern that I just really liked as soon as I saw it. There were a lot of benefits mentioned on the website that I saw, but the two that I liked best are that it is waterproof and very durable. I do a lot of cooking in my kitchen, and I end up cleaning the floors in depth at least twice a week. This is because I have three mutts that I consider my family, and they have free rein of the house.

When they come in from outside, they sometimes have wet feet from the yard, and it can get the floor looking pretty rough in no time. I like that they will not be able to damage the new floor with their wet feet not only because it is waterproof but also because it is so durable. I specifically looked for a vinyl floor that is very pet friendly. Now that my kitchen looks completely different with the vinyl flooring that was recently installed, I need to figure out what renovation I want to do for next year.