Satellite Internet Works Where No Other Internet is Available

My friend rented a rural place on a lease without asking enough questions before signing the lease. He wanted a quiet place to research and write. He is a budding novelist that is at least supporting himself with his craft. He found a nice rural cottage on some acreage that the owner keeps in good condition. The problem is that he found out after the fact that there is no Internet service. No cable, no DSL, certainly no fiber optic and spotty cellular service to boot. I told him to check out the Hughesnet rural Internet availability for his area. I figured he had a clear view to the open sky for the dish to work.

He had never heard of it. He had been driving into town and spending hours at the coffee shop to use the free Wi-Fi, which was kind of counterintuitive to the solitude he was looking for. The owner had no problems with the dish for the satellite Internet being installed on the back of the cottage. He said that it would help him to rent the place in the future. He said that he did not imagine my friend staying after he got famous with a novel. My friend was pretty much ecstatic to be able to get online to do research, send and receive email, use VOIP and to occasionally distract himself with a streamed TV show or movie.

The dish is small, so even on the rustic cottage it did not ruin the decor. Plus, as the landlord indicated, it would be a selling point for future rental leases. He gets a lot of artistic types that rent it for a few months and then move on. They like the brief respite from the mainstream, but they do like their modern conveniences too. Internet was one thing he could not provide until the Hughesnet rural Internet availability was checked and the dish was installed.